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The getClass().getResource(path) loads resources from the classpath. ImageIcon image = new ImageIcon("dunnfactbook.com"); If we only provide the name of the image file then Java is looking for it in the current working directory. If you are using NetBeans, the CWD is the project directory. In the applet, I declare an instance of PlayerClass. In the init function, I want to initialize an ImageIcon instance, say, image with (filename), and then assign image to PlayerClass's img by using Reviews: 5. Trail: Creating a GUI with JFC/Swing Lesson: Using Other Swing Features How to Use Icons Many Swing components, such as labels, buttons, and tabbed panes, can be decorated with an icon — a fixed-sized picture. An icon is an object that adheres to the Icon interface. Swing provides a particularly useful implementation of the Icon interface: ImageIcon, which paints an icon from a GIF, JPEG, or.

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how to create a label with image icon using Java Swing JLabel class. applet code="JLabelWithIconExample" width= height=>. Setting, Getting, and Painting the Image Icon's Image; Setting For more information, see the Loading Images Into Applets. You can even use an ImageIcon to display an animated GIF89a, making the ubiquitous “animation applet” as simple as this: // dunnfactbook.com // import. I cannot find what import the ImageIcon is.. I tried awt but it's nogo. I'm gettign this error: C:\Users\Dan\Documents\dunnfactbook.com cannot find symbol symbol. Here's an applet that uses eight image icons. source code for the program is dunnfactbook.com

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Learning Java: Part 25: Loading and Displaying Images

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