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Watch The Dark Corner Full Movie Online in HD. Ex con turned private investigator Bradford Galt suspects someone is following him and maybe even trying to kill him. With the assistance of his spunky secretary, Kathleen Stewart, he dives deep into a mystery in search of answers. "The Dark Corner" is a fine example of a film noir, enhanced by the background shots of Manhattan. Mark Stevens, as Brad, makes a good attempt to portray Brad Galt, the man who wants to play it straight after his run in with the law. The Dark Corner. Jump to navigation Jump to search. The Dark Corner is a black-and-white film noir directed by Henry Hathaway starring Lucille Ball, Mark Stevens and Clifton dunnfactbook.com by: Cyril J. Mockridge, Emil Newman, (musical direction).

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This Lynchian nightmare stars Thora Birch (AMERICAN BEAUTY) as a woman who can't escape her bad dreams. The line begins to blur between reality and the . I'm backed up in a dark corner and I don't know who's hitting me. The Dark Corner is a polished gem of a film noir. Released by 20th Century. The Dark Corner is a black-and-white film noir directed by Henry Hathaway that starred Lucille Ball, Mark Stevens and Clifton Webb. New at Fredricksen Library! In The Bomb Maker, Thomas Perry introduces us to the dark corners of a mind intent on transforming a simple machine into an act of . 'The Dark Corner' starring Lucille Ball, Clifton Webb, William Bendix, Mark . The film was based on the novel of the same name, written by William.

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The Dark Mirror (1946)

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