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May 20,  · how do i download customizer for super sport 3x racing wheel on my ps3. - Video Game Consoles & Games question. Super Sports 3X Customizer Important Operating Advice Please refer to ‘Connecting the Super Sports 3X’ section of this user guide for the required connection steps. Failure to correctly connect the Super Sports 3X will result in the none detection of the wheel when attempting to use the Super Sports 3X Customizer feature. Multiformat compatibility means that as an Xbox , PlayStation3 or PC gamer (or all three) you can experience SuperSport 3X's superior dunnfactbook.com what sets SuperSports 3X apart from other wheels on the market is its unique Customizer feature which lets you race tune the wheel the way you want to play/5(5).

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how do i download customizer for super sport 3x racing wheel on my ps3. - Video Game Consoles & Games question. Hi, I have a very cheap Datel Supersports 3x racing wheel but it doesn't register as a wheel or a joystick when i'm in the game. I think it may have so you need that Super Sport 3x Customizer installed first. Attached images. At this time I will inform you about Datel SuperSports 3X Racing Wheel customize controller settings for specific games Extra long 4-meter ( ,00 kr. Datel Supersports 3X Steering Racing Wheel (PC/PS3/Xbox Hurtig levering. The SuperSport 3X self centring wheel provides enhanced straight line the USB port of any online-enabled PC to access 3x's built-in Customizer profile. settings will be stored on the SuperSports 3X, ready to use in-game.

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