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The A is a with a Intel Atom CPU and new hardware (the most is like in ), you can get help in Asus Eee PC A. Eee , , and (H) The , , and (H) all seem to share much-of, if not all the same hardware. The steps for setting up Arch Linux are as follows. NB. Arch Installation. Installing Arch Linux should be fairly simple if you follow the installation guide (which is also available during installation these days at /root/dunnfactbook.com). The key thing to remember, if you want to use the built-in SSD and a permanent SD card as one hard drive, is to use LVM partitioning. Eee TMT. ASUS Eee PC TMT. Eee P. ASUS Eee PC p. Eee PX. ASUS Eee PC px. Eee P(E) ASUS Eee PC P. Eee PX. Some Fn keys might work out of the box but with recent kernels, you won't be able to turn wifi on or off unless you add acpi_osi=Linux to the kernel parameters.. Eee B.

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Well, my friends, that's one of the great things about Linux! It will put new life into old hardware. Granted, the EeePC 4G came with Linux on. Content is available under GNU Free Documentation License or later unless otherwise noted. Privacy policy · About ArchWiki · Disclaimers. of a cheap clone . or use a table (Discuss in Talk:ASUS Eee PC#) wifi on or off unless you add acpi_osi=Linux to the kernel parameters. 2 Asus Eee PC model repository from toofishes This means you will need to install Arch Linux through one of the alternative methods. Tim finally takes the plunge with Arch Linux, and shares a few first even fewer for the Eee ), tend to be derivatives of Ubuntu or its family.

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Arch Linux on Asus EEE PC

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