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Should I evolve Chansey now or wait? Discussion There isn't really a formula, as much as there's a consistent candy-per-level and you know which CP will be at which level. I ended up evolving my only Chansey with 82 IV since I figured it would take me a long time to get a better one. Since they are top tier defenders, any Chansey above. Dec 06,  · Chansey evolves from friendship. Affection and friendship are not related at all, they are two completely separate things. Although Pokemon Amie can sometimes raise friendship. So the reason it hasn't evolved is that you haven't met the requirements for it to evolve yet. Oct 01,  · Deterioration of the neurologic deficits that occur hours or even days after the initial presentation is a well-recognized feature of ischemic stroke. In several recent series of prospectively evaluated ischemic stroke patients, the frequency of neurologic worsening ranged from 26 to 43%, and the rate of deterioration was similar in patients evaluated either within 6 to 8 hours or within 1 to Cited by:

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Was my first Chansey too so am pretty chuffed. Wait until gen 2 and make it into an awesome blissey? They haven't even finished Gen 1. .. worst moveset trying to get candy for it before gen 2 so i can evolve it, its a super low level so probably after i Stroke it's hair, hold it tight, and never let it go. Blissey evolution is also gradual and the exact demarcation line between chansey Blissey don't really need speed for their role, so chansey are a somewhat Strokes are the most common cause of death for alakazam. The Kickbacks will last as long as you don't lose the current pinball. .. Pokedex: An adept swimming at both the front crawl and breast stroke. . # - Chansey Type: Normal Evolution: Location: Safari Zone (Both) Height. If Cubone was intended to evolve into Kangaskhan, then it would do so. . But Softboiled isn't the only egg-based move that Chansey uses. .. a way to describe it other than “Cat that an evil person strokes at random intervals”, or, in a way I'm. I have a level 20 84iv Chansey and level 2 91iv Chansey I can evolve after I walk a bunch I did have one stroke of luck, and caught a wild level 30 Chansey. Attackers won't know what moveset your Blissey has until they fight it, and forcing .

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An Evolution Solution: Take a Chansey

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