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Woodward–Fieser Rules for Diene! Woodward () predicted λ max values only for the lowest energy transition (π " π*) from HOMO to LUMO. Base values:! Base value for an unsubstituted, conjugated, acyclic or heteroannular diene nm! Base value for an unsubstituted, conjugated, homoannular diene nm Increments for. UV-Vis Lesson 3 - Woodward-Fieser Rules. As you look over the rules below, you will notice a striking feature. Making the chromophore more conjugated significantly increases the value of λmax. Greater conjugation leads to a longer λmax. Fieser-Kuhn Rules Woodward-Fieser rules for dienes work well for conjugated systems with less than 4 double bonds in. Check out this post for to learn how to use these rules. If there are two exocyclic double bonds to this it would woodward fieser rules pdf 2 x +5 nm i.

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Note: Numerical values for Woodward-Fieser rules differ slightly from one In these sample problems you will be shown the structure, then the. UV Spectroscopy. Woodward Fieser Rules for Dienes. • Woodward & Fieser derived a set of empirical rules for the estimation of wavelength for the low energy π. In Louis Frederick Fieser modified these rules with more experimental data, and the modified rule is known as Woodward-Fieser Rules. It is used to. Using Woodward-Fieser's rule, calculate wavelengths of maximum UV absorption for following compounds: a) b) c). Base value: nm. Base value: nm. Problem Set 2: UV Spectroscopy. Which solvents detected? Using the appropriate Woodward-Fieser rules calculate the expected λmax for each of the.

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Part 7: UV Visible Spectroscopy-Woodward Fieser Rule for Conjugated Butadienes

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