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The POP Demand Mod, or PDM as it is more commonly called, is a major overhaul mod for Victoria dunnfactbook.com is in that way a large-scale mod which changes more or less everything in the game. PDM adds hundreds of new events, inventions, decisions, and even goods and dunnfactbook.com: Sub-forum. Aug 12,  · Latest version of PDM for HoD. Less Infamy Mod Victoria 2: Heart of Darkness. Roman Empire MOD Hearts of Iron IV. Polish State in the New World Victoria 2: Heart of Darkness. AWH - Alternative World History is Released Victoria 2: Heart of Darkness. Better Tanks Victoria 2: Heart of Darkness. Real PORTUGAL Hearts of Iron IV/10(14).

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Tbh can't play vicy 2 without it, it makes it so much better. copy (family sharing) to play vicky 2 (as such, i cannot access vicky 2 forums with. Welcome to Victoria 2. This is a sub-reddit for Victoria 2. It is a general subreddit for the Grand Strategy Game from Paradox Development. Welcome to the Pop Demand Mod WikiEdit. Pop Demand Mod (PDM) is a mod project for Victoria 2, a real-time grand strategy game published by Paradox Interactive and set in the Victorian era. To download the latest versions of PDM, please visit the POP Demand Mod forum. Last updated. 09 February PM About this mod. The PDM mod for HoD beta patch. Share. Permissions and credits. or PDM as it is more commonly called, is a major overhaul mod for Victoria 2. PoD is "POPs of Darkness"-- it's PDM for the "Heart of Darkness" expansion.

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Victoria II présentation du mod Pop Demand

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