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The accuracy of the mapping between Terrain maps (such as height maps and textures) and generated Terrain. Higher values indicate lower accuracy, but with lower rendering overhead. Base Map Dist. The maximum distance at which Unity displays Terrain textures at full resolution. Author: Eric Haines (Eric5h5) Uses a texture in your project as a heightmap, which is applied to the active terrain. This way you don't have to import RAW files, but the vertical resolution will be limited to 8-bit. Requires Unity , although it will work with Unity as long the texture is uncompressed. Jul 17,  · Creating the Unity Terrain and Importing the Heightmap. Back in Unity, create a new Terrain object (GameObject->3D Object->Terrain) Select the Terrain Settings. Set the Terrain Width & Height values to match what you had in dunnfactbook.com Set the Height to Importing. Click Import Raw Browse to your heightmap file and click Open. The Result.

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Unity —How to create TerrainData with a heightmap via C# script? Hi. I'm trying to load tiled terrains at runtime, and I don't want to make. This handy little editor extension allows you to use an image file of any type recognized by Unity as a height map and create new Terrain Data with it. .png,. jpeg. Hi all,. In this tutorial I'm trying to explaing how to create an Unity 3D terrain, using a simple Height Map Image. I was following this unity tutorial dunnfactbook.com terrain-introduction-heightmaps and when exporting the raw. So i'm following a tutorial for Unity which requires creating a height map using an image editor. As you know, Unity exports the terrain height.

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Unity 5 Tutorial - Importing Heightmaps for Creating Realistic Terrains in Unity

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