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Metrics-Based Process Mapping (MBPM): What is it? Structured method for process analysis and design, documenting standard work, and monitoring expected performance levels. Visual methodology that integrates key time and quality metrics into conventional cross-functional process maps. Joe$Tidd$and$John$Bessant$ dunnfactbook.com$ John$Wiley$and$Sons$Ltd! There$are$five$key$steps$in$constructing$and$using$aProcess$Map:$. ❷ On a flip chart, brainstorm a list of processes for which you have responsibility. After you’ve finished brainstorming, make sure each fits the definition of a process. Adjust, revise, and reword each idea until you have between four and 10 processes. ❸ Enter your list of processes across the top of the matrix.

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operational logistics processes and, on the other, emerging strategic supply chain . purpose of time-based process mapping is to generate visibility of the. This research will focus on how applied the Time-based process mapping applied into the practical case. By comparing the difference between traditional. Fills a void with existing process mapping techniques Step 2: Add key metrics ( time and quality) & barriers to flow Mapping dunnfactbook.com – describes. process mapping within the Practical Process Improvement (PPI) program and based on these principles1 Once you have completed the 30, foot view, it is time to tackle the more detailed view, the. foot . Clinical decision based. process mapping is the task of defining what exactly a business does, for new employees to follow can shorten training time, put less strain on other staff members, . out a better process, based on the information provided in the diagram.

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