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The inetd command listens to all of them; when it detects a connection to any such port, it executes the corresponding server program. Packages frequently want to register a new server in the /etc/dunnfactbook.com file, but Debian Policy prohibits any package from modifying a configuration file that it doesn't own. Solaris init scripts don't recognise 'restart', you have to do a 'stop' and 'start' If you really want to stop/start inetd without effecting other services do: /usr/bin/pkill -x -u 0 inetd /usr/sbin/inetd -s But as ahoffmann, has pointed out, the standard way to reread the configuration is to send a hangup signal to the inetd dunnfactbook.coms: 6. Like the North Star, the /etc/dunnfactbook.com file has always been there for me on every Linux system I've ever run until now. "Where is dunnfactbook.com?"I asked myself the other day. The quick answer is, "nowhere." It appears that in Debian "wheezy" inetd is not installed by default. You have to do.

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Since DebianJessie, systemd is used to manage daemons. The systemctl command is also used to enable or disable the start of a daemon. It seems inetd is not installed by default in the last Debian versions (mine is 9 [email protected]:~# /etc/init.d/inetutils-inetd restart [ ok ] Restarting. I am a newbiew running SuSE Linux Enterprise Server I want to start a program (inetd) each time my server is booted. Currently, I have this. xinetd: does not start services from /etc/dunnfactbook.com with newest version Message #5 received at [email protected] (full text, mbox, reply): breaks unrelated software The package xinetd with revision -6 has a switch. Learn how to restart inetd service in Linux. Xinetd service is replacement for inetd service in new Linux versions.

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