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Jul 15,  · say you rm redolog. The file is still open by the oracle process, but the rm will SUCCEED. The rm simply unlinks the filename in the directory - it doesn't remove the file data. The oracle process will continue to write to the file - the file just won't exist in . May 27,  · Excess redo log generation during Hot Backup – Oracle 9i. Now this process of copy can be preempted by Server CPU depending on load. Lets say when you started copying after copy of those 8 block (4K, half of Oracle block), your process get preempted by CPU and it has allocated CPU time to some other important process. Questions about the redo logs from the Oracle 9i concepts manual The concepts manual says that sometimes redo log entries are written before a transaction is committed. These entries become permanent only if the transaction is later committed.

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Structure of Online Redo Log Files Figure shows a possible configuration of online redo log files. Notice that the groups are associated with their members. Since it is recommended that redo log files be all of the same size, you should Go into Server Manager and connect internal (if 9i, connect as SYSDBA). If you are using the Oracle Parallel Server and have more than one redo thread, you. Understanding redo log files, groups of log files, and members of groups; Managing redo log Oracle 9i has several components that make redo log files work. Part III, "Automated File and Storage Management" for information about redo log files that are both created and managed by the Oracle Database server. Purpose of Online Redo Log Files Redo log files provide a means and a mechanism for allowing Oracle to redo transactions in the event of a database failure.

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SCPT 8: Redo Log Files

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