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By Roger M. Boisjoly, Former Morton Thiokol Engineer, Willard, Utah. Abstract Nomenclature Introduction Abstract. A background summary of important events leading to the Challenger disaster will be presented starting with January, , plus the specifics of the telecon meeting held the night prior to the launch at which the attempt was made to stop the launch by the Morton Thiokol engineers. IF YOU THINK Ivan Boesky got off easy, you should hear about Morton-Thiokol, Inc. Morton-Thiokol manufactured the booster rocket which caused the space shuttle Challenger to explode last January. In , Allan J. McDonald, former director of the Space Shuttle Solid Motor Rocket Project for Morton-Thiokol, Inc. published his book Truth, Lies, and O-Rings: Inside the Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster. Up to that point, no one directly involved in the decision to launch Challenger had published a memoir about the dunnfactbook.comies: Rogers Commission.

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Challenger disaster: The 24 hours of pre-launch debate that could have NASA asks Morton Thiokol if the company is concerned about cold. The Challenger launched too early—in part, because Reagan wanted to Video of the shuttle's flight showed that the smoke disappeared, only to NASA and Morton Thiokol, the company that built the solid rocket boosters. Columbia & Challenger - Astronaut Jerry Ross Remembers | Video. Morton Thiokol, the builder of the solid-rocket boosters, advised NASA that. The night before the launch, Ebeling and four other engineers at NASA contractor Morton Thiokol had tried to stop the launch. Their managers. Morton Thiokol - Contracted by NASA to build the solid rocket booster. Alan McDonald - Director of the Solid Rocket Motors project. Bob Lund.

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The Challenger Disaster: STS-51-L Helicopter Camera

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