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Dec 08,  · Anno Chapter 3: In the Eye of the Storm – Mission 3: Triumph of Technology December 8, troublmaker Anno Guides, Guides anno , ubisoft In the last video we saw how F.A.T.H.E.R. used superior tactics to wipe out the entire Global Trust fleet leaving the defense of the sector entirely up to you. The last step is to lead an all-inn attack. In the upper left corner there is a counter which informs us how much time is left until the Ark reactivates its defense systems. When the moment is near, retreat the fleet a little bit, and the use the other EMP Cannon (if we don't have two, wait until the first one is ready to use again.) This way we finish the ANNO campaign. See also: Vehicle Items Electric Magnetic Pulse (EMP) items are usable items that temporarily disables all vehicles (including friendly ones) within range. Vehicles which are hit are unable to move and attack for a certain amount of time. Additionally, vehicles hit with a EMP will have their.

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S.A.A.T. will provide you with a tech island intended to research the EMP cannon. You will first need , then and finally Power to gain access to the. To get through F.A.T.H.E.R.S.' shields, we will have to create three items in the Academy: components that will comprise an EMP Cannon - to get each. Anno Game Guide by dunnfactbook.com Although building the EMP Cannon won't require too much financial resources (only a thousand. I have made the EMP cannon and the quest tells me to go kill FATHER's ship. I tried socketing it on my ship, but it doesn't work. Where does it need to be. After you click to activate the EMP item, you need to click a target. One that hopefully most of your other ships are nowhere near, as it will.

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Anno 2070 Lets play Episode 7: The Cold War Begins

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