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I download Excel export files from your site. That file needs another filed called dunnfactbook.com Add. var_dump($_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT']); Ensure the DOCUMENT_ROOT is indeed pointing to the location your includes folder is located in. The Exploit Database is maintained by Offensive Security, an information security training company that provides various Information Security Certifications as well as high end penetration testing services. The Exploit Database is a non-profit project that is provided as a public service by Offensive dunnfactbook.com: Silahsiz Kuvvetler.

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CryptOMG/includes/dunnfactbook.com Find file Copy path. Fetching contributors Cannot retrieve contributors at this time. 35 lines (28 sloc) KB. Raw Blame. '/includes/dunnfactbook.com'; I am able to connect to the database when I don't use the include but have the connection code in my controller file. RE: dunnfactbook.com error php log file is empty. From my dunnfactbook.com file error_log /var/log/ php/dunnfactbook.com /var/log/php/dunnfactbook.com log_errors On On. I would rewrite your mysql queries and use mysqli prepared statements if I were you. Let me know if you want some example code to adapt for your own use. MySql lib for example. SOAP Web service to provide remote database access. if ($dblink = mysql_connect(MYSQL_HOST,MYSQL_USER,MYSQL_PWD)).

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