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Sep 21,  · Thanks for the great answer. My understanding is that my use of the TABLE() function in 11g had two issues. First, the statistics were wrong for the function. As you said, this could be fixed with the extensible optimizer or with the STATISTICS COLLECTION step in 12c. Dec 13,  · I was really surprised that even “COLLECTION ITERATOR PICKLER FETCH” with F_PIPE_FOR_NONPIPE that gets result of F_NON_PIPE and returns it through PIPE ROW() works almost twice faster than F_NON_PIPE, so I decided to analyze it using stapflame by Frits Hoogland. Nov 15,  · COLLECTION ITERATOR, PICKLER FETCH; Breadcrumb. Announcement. The latest release of the Oracle Database is here. Check out the new features here. Question and Answer. Thanks for the question, RaviChandra. And in the explain plan I am seeing 'pickler fetch' which is fine. My question here is: is there a way I can index any of the columns.

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Hi Tom, Assume the below case: Type t1 is record (full_name varchar2(20), purchase_order number(10), purchase_date date, shipped_date. COLLECTION ITERATOR PICKLER FETCH Oracle Cardinality feedback was introduced in Oracle Database 11g Release 2. 1 | COLLECTION ITERATOR PICKLER FETCH| GET_TAB_PTF | 1 | | “Collection iterator pickler fetch”: pipelined vs simple table functions Assume we need to return collection “RESULT” from PL/SQL function. COLLECTION ITERATOR (PICKLER FETCH) Appearing in (That warning surprised me a bit as this is running on Oracle and the.

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