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Get help with Pages. Create and edit Pages documents on your Mac, on dunnfactbook.com, and on your iPhone or iPad. If you want to know how to do something with Pages, these user guides can help. Much like your computer, your iPad is capable of sending various types of files to a local printer that shares the same Wi-Fi network. When you create a word processing document using the Pages app, for example, you can print a full-quality hard copy without the need to transfer it to your computer first. Pages for the iPad is a slimmed down version of Apple’s word processor and page layout application, and it works surprisingly well for on-the-go document creation and editing. Like its big brother on the Mac, Pages for the iPad includes a nice set of text and graphics tools for making your documents look dunnfactbook.com: Jeff Gamet.

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We've collected 9 expert tips for Pages on iPad & iPhone. more than a single paragraph), open the formatting palette if it's not open already. Fix “Safari Can't Open Page” Error on iPhone, iPad, Mac. This is a really common reason why web pages can't be loaded. A typo in the URL web address will. In Pages on iPad, open and edit documents, including those created in Microsoft Word. If I'm not mistaken, iOS Pages does not actually store its docs directly on an iOS device. (iOS Pages is syncing with iCloud. I don't know if. btw This is the Pages for Mac forum, there is a more specific forum at: to a " closed doc" like i did, or not know what you mean by closed doc).

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New Apple iWork Apps Feature Overview

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