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The balance of payments is the record of a country™s transactions with the rest of the world. It consists of three main parts: the current account, the capital account, and official reserves settlement balance.1 Thesumofthethreemain parts sum to zero. All transactions must be . Jul 02,  · A balance of payments surplus would occur if the balance is greater than zero. This means that the country has a net inflow of payments. More payments are coming in to the country for exports, transfers, or investments than are going out. Deficit a balance of payments deficit would occur if the balance is less than zero. BALANCE OF PAYMENT OF INDIA. The Current Account The Capital Account Official Reserves Account Errors and Ommisions CURRENT ACCOUNT Includes all imports and exports of goods and services.  Includes unilateral transfers of foreign aid.  If the debits exceed the credits, then a country is running a trade deficit.5/5(2).

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BALANCE OF PAYMENTBALANCE OF PAYMENT ZOHAIB AMAN LASI () MURTAZA HUSSAIN () SAFI DAR () SAJJAD. its a presentation about the balance of payment and an analysis about Indian bop. Regarding music and film, trade enables the widest choice of music and film to appeal Economic growth versus balance of payments stability. Current account is a part of the overall balance of payment and of recreational services that include services in film, music industry and so on. The balance of payments accounts of a country record the payments and receipts of the We import Japanese autos and export our pop music to Tokyo.

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Balance of Payments (Bop Part 1): Current account & Capital account ; ECONOMY BITS

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