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This feature is available only on PS3™ systems sold in North America. BD / DVD - Cinema Conversion. Set the playback method of video content recorded in interlace format. Video content can include video material (shows or sports programming on TV), film material (movies) or animation material (cartoon programming on TV). Mar 28,  · i really dont know due to each time i play black ops 2on my 3d tv it says if i want to play in 3d mode but im using a hdmi cable which is perfect for 3d content from my ps3,, maybe if you are using a hdmi cable it might not be able to transfer the 3d content to your monitor but atleast you found your answer,, thats the main thingStatus: Open. PlayStation ® 3. PlayStation ® Vita How do I access 3D content on my PlayStation 3? Do I have to use a Sony 3D TV? I have a flatscreen HDTV that isn’t 3D capable. Can I still play 3D games through my PS3? If a game is in 3D, can I still play it in 2D on a regular television? Will it look as good? What if I.

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The scarcity of 3D content, and the fact that what's available is largely kid-centric animation, means a 3D-enabled PS3 will probably be good. This is a list of stereoscopic 3D PlayStation 3 games released or planned for release on Blu-ray (with glasses) to enable different simultaneous fullscreen views of the screen at the same time (rather than using a splitscreen). Contents: . On Xbox and PS3, does the game support stereoscopic 3D in p? Yes . Got a nice new LG42LWT TV yesterday, got my PS3 hooked up to it tonight. Now I might be are you attempting to view any 3d content?. If you haven't set up your PS3 already in conjunction with your new TV: You should be prompted to choose the size of your 3D TV after it. You can also playback 3D Blu-ray movies. Install the 3D games and open one of them. Update the game like PS3 suggests. Turn on your 3D.

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Stereoscopic 3D Compatible Games (X360 • PS3) - Ep. 117

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